Threonine Daily Requirements

The requirements for the essential amino acid threonine varies depending on life stage, gender and age. For Americans and Canadians, the US Food and Nutrition Board sets Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), such as Adequate Inake (AI), the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) and Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA), of nutrients for healthy individuals.

The EAR is the daily average amount estimated to be sufficient for the average (median) healthy person. The RDA is the daily average estimated to be sufficient for most healhty individuals.

Here are the EAR and RDA for threonine. The recommendations are in mg threonine per kg of body per day.

There is no EAR or RDA for threonine for infants of 0-6 months old. There is only Adequate Intake (AI) recommendation of 73 mg of threonine per Kg of body weight per day. Adequate Intake (AI) is the daily recommended amount for healthy individuals based on observations and it is an approximation. It is set when there is no enough evidence for RDA.

Age, gender, life stage group Threonine EAR (mg/kg/day)Threonine RDA (mg/kg/day)
0–6 month  -- --
7–12 month 34 49
1–3 years 24 32
4–8 years 19 24
9–13 years 18 22
14–18 years 17 21
9–13 years 19 24
14–18 years 18 22
Adult Men and Women
19 and older 16 20
Pregnant Women
All ages 21 26
Lactating Women
All ages 24 30



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