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We often fail to realize that our physical illness is partly due to poor nutrition. Ironically, even as we improve our quality of life in terms of material comfort, we tend to overlook the importance of proper nutrition, the core ingredient for a healthy life. To do our share of improving human health, we will gather nutrition, diet and human health and disease related information from credible literature and electronic references and make it available here.

Dietaryfiberfood.com aims to promote healthy nutrition by informing its readers natural food sources of nutrients and health benefits associated with them. It provides also content of various nutrients in food. The website is intended to report nutritional information based on credible scientific sources. To enable readers interested in more technical details of a topic covered in the site and also give the due credit for authors of data, literature sources will be cited.

It is not the objective of this site to give dietary advise but only provide access to dietary information one can rely on to make their own conclusions and decisions. This site aims at audience of health and nutrition professionals and also general adult readers.

The website is independent and does not recieve funds from any entity. It is supported by the contextual text ads run by the Google adsense program. The website hosts advertising image banners and text links. Advertisement is distinguished by the word ‘Advertisement’.

The website does not promote any commercial product. When a commercial product is mentioned on articles (mostly from the open access, Biomed Central journals), a full disclaimer and conflicts of interest are stated in the full content of the article which dietaryfiberfood.com links to.

Articles in dietaryfiberfood.com come from various credible sources, authored by scientists in nutrition and health sciences or relevant organizations and science writers. The editor of the website has a postgraduate degree in biological sciences. He is not a medical professional and has no affliation to any medical institution. Content posted on this website is solely and independently selected by the editor.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the effort of this website, such as contributing articles or help in any way, is welcome. Please Contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find it useful. Please send us your suggestions, comments, and questions. We are happy to get your feedback.



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