The majority of the dietary cholesterol is ingested in the form of the main ingridient, such as the meat or egg, in a meal. There are, however, secondary sources for cholesterol. These can be oils or butter added in cooking or salad dressings or supplements such as fish oils.

Listed under are common fish oils, fats and vegetable oils with their average cholesterol content.


Cholesterol Content in Fats and Oils
Oils and Fats Cholesterol Content (mg/100 gram)
Fish Oils
Fish oil, herring 766
Fish oil, sardine 710
Fish oil, cod liver 570
Fish oil, menhaden (mossbunker) 521
Fish oil, salmon 485
Animal Fat
Butter, light 106
Turkey fat 102
Goose fat 100
Bacon grease 95
Chicken fat 85
Vegetable oils
Olive oil 0.00
Oat oil 0.00
Cotton seed oil 0.00
Tea seed oil 0.00
Soybean oil 0.00
Palm kernel oil 0.00
Sunflower oil 0.00
Tomato seed oil 0.00
Corn oil 0.00
Canola oil 0.00
Sheanut oil 0.00
Sesame oil 0.00
Coconut oil 0.00
Walnut oil 0.00
Hazelnut oil 0.00
Wheat germ oil 0.00
Cupu assu oil 0.00
ucuhubu butter oil 0.00



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