Seafood is a component of many cuisines and consumed since ancient times for its high protein content. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Israelites are known to have made it part of their diets. Now a days, seafood is part of diets of even cultures far from water bodies.

Now a days, we are also watchful of the nutritional content and health effects of what we consume. And cholesterol content in diet is one of the major concerns. Below is the average cholesterol content of lobster, cod, sardine, oyster, and scallop.

Note: 100g is equal to 3.5 ounces.

Cholesterol Content of Lobster

Lobster typeCholesterol (mg/100g)
Lobster, northern, raw 95.0
Spiny lobster, mixed species, cooked, moist heat 90.0
Lobster, northern, cooked, moist heat 72.0
Spiny lobster, mixed species, raw 70.0


Cholesterol Content of Cod

Cod typeCholesterol (mg/100g)
Fish oil, cod liver 570.0
Fish, cod, Atlantic, dried and salted 152.0
Fish, lingcod, cooked, dry heat 67.0
Fish, cod, Atlantic, cooked, dry heat 55.0
Fish, cod, Atlantic, canned, solids and liquid 55.0
Fish, lingcod, raw 52.0
Fish, cod, Pacific, cooked, dry heat 47.0
Fish, cod, Atlantic, raw 43.0
Fish, cod, Pacific, raw 37.0


Cholesterol Content of Sardines

Sardine typeCholesterol (mg/100g)
Fish oil, sardine 710.0
Fish, sardine, Atlantic, canned in oil, drained solids with bone 142.0
Fish, sardine, Pacific, canned in tomato sauce, drained solids with bone 61.0


Cholesterol Content of Oysters

Oyster type Cholesterol content (mg/100g)
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, cooked, moist heat 105.0
Mollusks, oyster, Pacific, cooked, moist heat 100.0
Ostrich, oyster, cooked 90.0
Emu, oyster, raw 81.0
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, cooked, breaded and fried 81.0
Fast foods, oysters, battered or breaded, and fried 78.0
Ostrich, oyster, raw 73.0
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, canned 55.0
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, raw 53.0
Mollusks, oyster, Pacific, raw 50.0
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, cooked, dry heat 49.0
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, farmed, cooked, dry heat 38.0
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, farmed, raw 25.0
CAMPBELL Soup Company, CAMPBELL'S Red and White, Oyster Stew, condensed 16.0
Soup, oyster stew, canned, prepared with equal volume milk 13.0
Soup, oyster stew, canned, condensed 11.0
Soup, oyster stew, canned, prepared with equal volume water 6.0
Sauce, oyster, ready-to-serve 0.0


Cholesterol Content of Scallops

Scallop typeCholesterol (mg/100g)
Fast foods, scallops, breaded and fried 75.0
Mollusks, scallop, mixed species, cooked, breaded and fried 61.0
Mollusks, scallop, (bay and sea), cooked, steamed 53.0
Mollusks, scallop, mixed species, raw 33.0
Mollusks, scallop, mixed species, imitation, made from surimi 22.0


Cholesterol data of seafoods source: USDA National Nutrient Database Reference, Release 18



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