Shan-Yu Su and Ching-Liang Hsieh

Chinese Medicine 2011, 6:26 doi:10.1186/1749-8546-6-26

Published: 9 July 2011


Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of anti-inflammation, including cellular immunity, inflammatory mediators, reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide and several transcriptional factors, in the treatment of cerebral ischemia. This article reviews the roles of Chinese medicinal herbs as well as their ingredients in the inflammatory cascade induced by cerebral ischemia. Chinese medicinal herbs exert neuroprotective effects on cerebral ischemia. The effects include inhibiting the activation of microglia, decreasing levels of adhesion molecules such as intracellular adhesion molecule-1, attenuating expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-1beta and tumor necrosis factor-alpha, reducing inducible nitric oxide synthase and reactive oxygen species, and regulating transcription factors such as nuclear factor-kappaB.

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