The following table contains a list of cereal grains and flours and their antioxidant content. Cereals are rich in diverse kinds of antioxidants. Generally, the bran and germ parts of the grain are where most of the antioxidants are contained.

Total Antioxidant Activity in Cereal Grains

Cereal grainsAntioxidant Content (FRAP mmol/100 g FW)
Buck wheat, wholemeal flour 1.99
Buck wheat, white flour 1.23
Barley, wholemeal flour 1.09
Common millet, wholemeal flour 0.82
Maize, white flour 0.60
Oats, rough oatmeal 0.59
Barley, white flour 0.58
Rye, wholemeal flour 0.47
Wheat, wholemeal flour 0.33
Oats, white flour 0.32
Bulgur wheat, wholemeal flour 0.31
Sorghum, wholemeal flour 0.30
Common millet, white flour 0.25
Rye, white flour 0.23
Rice, grains 0.17
Wheat, white flour 0.13
Durum wheat, white flour 0.05
Rice, white flour 0.04


Antioxidant content was determined by the FRAP assay. The values represent mean concentration per 100 g fresh weight (FW) of edible portion if not otherwise stated. Cereal samples were obtained from various countries and the antioxidant content is a mean of cereals from at least three locations or brands.

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