Antioxidants can be naturally obtained from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Antioxidants are also available in specially formulated supplements.

Fruits are major sources of high in antioxidant activity. Blackberry, redcurrant, rasberry and olives being in the top antioxidant rich list. The antioxidant content of fruits listed below was basesd analysis done on fruits collected in Italy.

Antioxidants in Fruits

Antioxidant Food SourcesAntioxidant Activity
Blackberry 51.53
Redcurrant 44.86
Raspberry 43.03
Olive (black) 39.99
Strawberry (wild) 28.00
Olive (green) 24.59
Strawberry (cultivated) 22.74
Orange 20.50
Blueberry 18.61
Pineapple 15.73
Plum (red) 12.79
Grape (black) 11.09
Grapefruit (yellow) 10.20
Tangerine 9.60
Clementine 8.88
Cherry 8.10
Kiwi fruit 7.41
Prickly pear 6.97
Peach (yellow) 6.57
Fig 5.82
Melon (cantaloupe) 5.73
Pear 5.00
Apricot 4.02
Apple (red Delicious) 3.84
Grape (white) 3.25
Apple (yellow Golden) 3.23
Loquat 2.70
Banana 2.28
Melon (honeydew) 2.27
Watermelon 1.13

Antioxidant food rating/content on the above table is based on Ferric reducing-antioxidant power (FRAP) method and unit of measurnment is mmol Fe 2+/kg Fresh weight).

Table adapted from: Nicoletta Pellegrini, N., Serafini, M., Colombi, B., Del Rio, D., Salvatore, S, Bianchi, M. and Brighenti, F.. 2003. Total Antioxidant Capacity of Plant Foods, Beverages and Oils Consumed in Italy Assessed by Three Different In Vitro Assays. J. Nutr. 133:2812-2819.