What is Uric Acid?

Uric acid is an antioxidant. Its antioxidant property enables the body to protect itself against free-radical molecules that are associated with several diseases such as cancers.

Uric acid is generated in the body as a result of breakdown of purine in the liver.

When uric acid level in the blood is high, it has side effects. Uric acid eventually crystallizes, especially at low temprature. Uric acid crytals make their way to the joints, such as the big toe, ankle, and knees, causing gout. Other diseases associated with high blood uric acid include kidney stones, diabetic acidosis, acute alcoholism and leukemia.

Causes of High Serum Uric Acid

Uric acid accumulates in tissues and the blood when one consumes foods high in purines. Foods high in purines include meat and meat products and some vegeterian food stuffs, even though with lower levels. Other factors associated with high blood uric acid levels include starvation and consumption of foods high in fructose, fat and protein.

Foods and Uric Acid Content

In the following table is a list of food stuffs and estimates of their uric acid content. The uric acid content is calculated based on the purine content of the foods. Foods high in uric acid content are listed at the top of the table while foods with low uric acid content are at the bottom.

Fruits and vegetables have generally reduced level of uric acid. Meat products, especially internal organs are known to have, generally, higher levels of uric acid.

Food source of uric aciduric acid level(mg of uric acid /100 g food)
Yeast, brewer's 1810
Sheep's spleen 773
Tuna fish 257
Anchovy 239
Mungo bean seed 222
Soybean seed 190
Chicken (breast with skin) 175
Salmon 170
Pork, fillet 150
Ham, cooked 131
Beef 110
Broccoli 81
Tofu 68
Banana 57
Sweet corn 52
Grape 27
Plum 24
Asparagus 23
blueberry 22
White cabbage 22
Strawberry 21
Carrot 17
Apple 14
Cucumber 7.3


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